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Therapeutic art helps people relax, decrease release of stress hormones, lowers blood pressure and make you feel good.  We believe art is a good drug everyone should use.

Therapeutic Art:  TherapeuticOur artists are convinced of the therapeutic effects of art. All works of art, whatever their style, have been created according to the standards established by Artruism Group.  All Artruism work of art are created according to the forms, the colors, the subjects that make a therapeutic canvas.


Art Therapy:

Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, coloring, or sculpting to help people express themselves artistically and examine the psychological and emotional undertones in their art. With the guidance of a credentialed art therapist, clients can "decode" the nonverbal messages, symbols, and metaphors often found in these art forms, which should lead to a better understanding of their feelings and behavior so they can move on to resolve deeper issues 

The therapeutic effects of art can be divided into two large categories:


The art can have calming effects such as:


·       Giving you a feeling of calmness

·       Feeling of relaxation

·       Decreasing muscle tension and spasms

·       Decreased pulse

·       Decreased blood pressure

·       Feeling of transcendence

·       Feeling at one with the universe.


The art can have stimulating effects such as:

·       Feeling happy

·       Feeling energized

·       Feeling of playfulness

·       Feeling of insight

·       Great feeling of learning.

·       Stimulation of appetite and creativity


Artruism, is a New Art Movement started by a group of Medical Doctors and Visual Artists that wants to move the medical and art world by mixing art and medicine on all level (exhibitions on therapeutic art, art-therapy cessions, education, promotion of art and also clinical medical studies & researches ).


The Artruism Group is a non profit organisation created by :  Visual artists, Lynne Shand and Éliane Ducros and Medical Doctors, Dr. Giuseppe Mazza, Dr. Michael Palumbo and Dr. Hussein Fadhalla.


Our group strongly believes in the healing powers of art!


We believe that art, through its visual forms and its colors, can produce a positive and beneficial effect on the physical and mental health of individuals.


This effect can be felt by seeing beautiful art or by creating art.

ARTRUISM GROUP  Staff & Contributors

President, Co-founder
Dr. Giuseppe Mazza


Dr. Michael Palumbo


Dr. Hussein Fadhalla

Director and Operation Manager
Lynne Shand

Marketing and Brand Director

Eliane Ducros

Associate Medical Doctor

Dr. Katayoun S. Khorrami (San Diego)


Emmanuelle Doyon


Caroline Emmanuelle

Susan Robb

Journalism Contributors
Caroline Emmanuelle

Susan Robb

Dr. Giuseppe Mazza

Regular Contributors
Emmanuelle Doyon

Dr. Giuseppe Mazza

Susan Robb

Dr. Katayoun S. Khorrami (San Diego)

Wendy Weiner (New York)

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Throughout history, the arts have been know to have a therapeutic effect.  The ancient Romans believed that art ‘’calmed the beast in men’’.  Music which is a form of art is used by almost everyone on a daily basis to help us feel better.  Many of the most famous works of art were made when the artist was passing through a very difficult period in their lives.  There is a vast source of scientific literature that aims to show and quantify the therapeutic effects of art. The United Kingdom has published the scientific evidence of the research done in its hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc.  That shows the therapeutic benefits of art on a population of sick people.  All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing ‘’Creative Health:  The Arts for Health and Wellbeing’’ July 2017. www.artshealthandwellbeing.org.uk/appg/inquiry.  Contact:  coultera@parliament.uk.  Here in Montreal we have the Montreal museum of fine arts develop an art therapy workshop (reference and elaborate).  This is in collaboration with Concordia University.





Contact : coultera@parliament.uk


in Montreal, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is developing an art therapy workshop in collaboration with Concordia University.​



We are a group of Canadian artists that are all dedicated to bringing Artruism and it’s therapeutic effects in our society.


Our main goal is to exhibit Artruism art work of high quality in hospital wards, public buildings and stressful work environment in order to increase the well being of people in need.


Artruism art helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  It increase the sense of belonging, reduces isolation among vulnerable people and amplifies the feeling of happiness, joy and energy, for patients as well as for the employees.


The Artruism Goup is a non profit organization created by the artists Lynne Shand and Éliane Ducros as well as Dr. Giuseppe Mazza.