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Born in Montreal, Onno has always been passionate about design.

From the age of 16, he dares to take his passion further; he starts his business by investing in his own design company. At the same time, he is studying architecture in order to deepen his knowledge in the field of construction.

In 2014, he graduates in architecture.

He is then interested in the discovery of the world; he begins to travel to different countries with an object of his passion: his sketchbook. He thus comes to admire the beauty of the world and the cultures that surround it. His sketchbook then becomes an extension of his passion day after day, discovery after discovery.

His artistic momentum will not stop there. Guillaume Charbonneau, known under the artistic name of Onno, is also a painter. Drawing and painting have always been his means of expression since his childhood. After several years of experimentation on various media and mediums, he ends up developing his own technique: he uses his fingers directly on the canvas. He transmits his soul and emotion through each of his subjects to come to create stunning monochrome portraits. He becomes an artist painter of passion, diversity, beauty of the world. From then on, it is through his works that he shares with people, the many aspects of life emphasizing the beauty of every human being.
According to Onno, each person is unique. His painting has the ability to highlight the souls of his subjects and to extract a story, theirs, yours, a story of yesterday, a story of tomorrow.

Onno dreams of continuing his quest for discovering the world and his passions through painting. Through this, he hopes that each person who takes the time to admire his works is challenged by a feeling that will join him personally. Thus, he will fulfill his mission by sharing his life experiences through each of his works.

Dare the beauty of the world ... Dare Onno and let yourself be subjugated.

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