Dr. Giuseppe Mazza, MD

Dr G. Mazza graduate from McGill University MD 1986. Quebec medical license 87-541. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at Concordia University 1982. Internship at St Mary's Hospital family medicine program 1986-1987. Worked at Santa Cabrini Hospital emergency room 1987-2000. Admitting privileges at Santa Cabrini hospital 1987 to present. Chief of continuing medical education 1997 to present. Actively practicing family medicine in Montreal since 1989 to present. Actively involved in running phase 2 and 3 clinical trials since 2000 as principle investigator. Involved in over 110 different clinical trials in various medical problems as principal investigator. (Respiratory / Diabetes / Psoriasis/ Depression/ Cardiac/ Alzheimer/ Rheumatology etc).

Why I believe in Artruism

I have been in general practice in Montreal for the last 30 years. I also run a clinical research center known as GCP Research for the last 17 years. All my life I had a passion for the arts. I have studied and learned extensively, especially about the visual arts. I have completed the museum guide course at the Museum of fine arts of Montreal, which truly expanded my appreciation of the value of art in our society. I truly believe in the therapeutic effects of art.

The best example I can think of is comparing paintings to music. Very few of us can live without music.  It makes us feel good, it is therapeutic. I feel the same way with all other art forms. Paintings are a form of music to our eyes!

Artruism is an amazing movement that want to bring therapeutic art into places where people might benefit greatly, such as clinics, hospitals, dental offices etc. I have noticed the calming effects of this art work in my research center and my patients really appreciate this experience. Therapeutic art has been extensively studied in the UK, Finland, Norway and Australia. It has been shown to reduce costs in their health care system by reducing mental stress and return visits to doctors’ offices.

I truly believe in the efficacy of therapeutic art and I totally encourage this movement to go forward.  Let’s put this beautiful therapeutic art in all the clinics across our province and country! Let’s send this wave of artistic healing across the world!