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I have been a visual artist since the end of my baccalaureate in 2003 that I finished at UQAM. At the end of my baccalaureate in plastic arts in 2003, my artistic approach was based on learning disabilities. I attended several conferences on this subject, read many books, and subsequently, produced works on this subject which touches me particularly, because I myself, am dyslexic.


I gave lectures and workshops that talk about my experience during my schooling and how I managed to move forward and overcome my difficulties to reach success. I talk about my works and my life experience. I offer hope just as I am proud to be unique and different. I am imperfect like my paintings. I exhibit everywhere in Quebec and I have received recognition from my peers through numerous awards. Since 2003, I have been a partner with the Institute for Learning Disabilities. I have given conferences to demystify learning disabilities for organizations of parents of adolescents, for conferences for the general public, for the University of Trois-Rivières and for students at the primary and secondary levels in Quebec and France . Since 2006, I have been teaching visual arts at the La Croisée general center, an adult school for the elderly, 18 hours a week. Creating and teaching is a passion, where I love to transfer learning the arts to students of all levels.


Over the years, I have developed experience and good self-confidence; I really like to pass it on to my students, especially to fragile and vulnerable people. Motivation is an easily transferable engine in my case. I have developed strategies to help people of all ages understand and trust each other better. I get very involved in my different backgrounds. I received the National Assembly medal which recognizes my commitment as an artist. In 2019, I received the Télé-Québec Ambassador Prize at the Grands Prix Desjardins de Lanaudière.