''If I were a tree''

by Lynne Shand


Clinique dentaire

Dr. Elena Carlet

Make the benefits of art accessible to all,
in order to improve the well-being of our community!


  1. Promote the expansion of art hives "Art therapy session" across Québec in collaboration with Concordia University.

  2. Place therapeutic art "Artruism art" in clinics and health care institutions across Québec

  3. Educate health staff to the therapeutic effects of art

  4. Promote and facilitate emerging and established artists to expose their art

  5. Promote medical researches in art and its therapeutic effects

Why Artruism and what we will do to improve society's well-being ?
By achieving our mission statement, we will be able to reduce anxiety in society, reduce the intake of medications people take due to suffering from depression. Also, we will help reduce the isolation and feelings of solitude in the elderly and they will be able to obtain easy access to referral services.
All this will reduce the cost in the medical system, the intake of medication and reduce also visit in emergency and clinics.
Our group firmly believes in the healing powers of art!

We believe that art has a positive effect on the mental and physical well-being of individuals.


We believe that art, through it's visual forms and colors, can produce a positive and beneficial effect on people.


We believe that anyone who does not feel well for any reason can benefit from the therapeutic aspects of art therapy!

All of our beliefs regarding the healing power of art-therapy are well documented.  Please see the section THERAPEUTIC ART to find out more about our research and facts.