Dr. Katayoun S. Khorrami

San Diego, California

As a physician, I have been fortunate enough to practice medicine in a variety of settings. From practicing in office settings to emergency rooms, from serving urban populations to remote and rural communities, from the cold of the Northwest Territories in Canada to the tropics of the Amazon in Brazil,  medicine has allowed me the privilege to be in a unique position of helping others at their time of need for healing.


I have been interested in the arts from a very young age and started drawing and painting as a child. I started my education in the arts after an eye emergency took me away from my medical practice for a while. I now make art alongside my practice of medicine and am an advocate for the role of the arts in healing our bodies and minds. As such I am excited to be a part of the Artruism movement bringing art to public medical spaces with the intention of supporting healing and optimal health. 


I was born in Iran, my first home, lived the majority of my life in Canada, my adopted home, and currently live and practice emergency medicine in California. All this moving and exposure has helped me see that as humans we are a lot more similar than different from each other. As a doctor I  I am humbled to know that our medical efforts to help people recover  from their illnesses is only effective because of the body’s miraculous ability to heal. I have seen that healing is only possible from a sacred place of inner peace; beauty in all forms promotes this healing state. 


As humans we are hardwired to crave beauty: We seek beauty in  landscape, music, art, literature, relationships, love, fashion, religion. Being surrounded by beauty signals to our mind that all is good and safe.   This state of calm awareness  awakens our creativity, boosts our immune system, and improves our bodies’ chances of healing.  The  more we can perceive beauty in our surroundings and in ourselves, the more we feel at home in our bodies and are glad to exist. 


At Artruism we aim to bring beauty to the places of healing , be it medical offices, hospitals, or public places of gathering. Let us all join to promote wellness by adding to the beauty of our patients’ worlds and enhance their healing journeys. 

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Dr. Elena Carlet

Montreal, Quebec

I am a practicing dental surgeon in the city of Montreal, Canada.  Graduating from McGill University in 1990, I’ve always treated members of the community ranging from children to the elderly.

It’s a known fact that dental interventions can cause varying levels of anxiety in patients.  As a professional in the field for 28 years, I’ve learned to help my patients cope with their fears gradually by acquiring their trust through verbal encouragement and gentle hands-on treatment over my years in practice.  This approach proves to be of benefit to the anxious patient appeasing their fears and rendering the treatment process less difficult albeit there always being a certain baseline level of anxiety in a number of patients.

A while back I was introduced to art therapy through the work of a talented Montreal artist, Lynne Shand who approached me offering to expose her work in the waiting room as well as the operatories of my office.  Since then, my patients have the privilege of admiring the beauty of her painting and we’ve had such positive comments regarding Lynne’s unique and beautiful art.

Her use of color and original techniques in her paintings has proven to be of great benefit not only to my patients but to my stall and myself as well. What I’ve witnessed is that through positive visual stimulation, the beauty of her art evokes positive ‘’fee-good’’ emotions.  I’ve observed that as they contemplate and comment on the artwork my patients’ project feelings of appreciation and enjoyment with a certain sense of calm and inner peace and overall well-being.  We also know that inner peace and wellbeing affect our overall physical health by decreasing heart rate and sometimes even blood pressure for example.

Visual stimulation is a powerful emotional stimulus in humans.  Art is unique in that it can evoke a wide range of good feelings but also enables us to use our imagination and build a story around the artwork we are admiring.  I am a definite advocate of therapeutic art and the multitude of psychological and physical benefits it brings to the population at large.

I am grateful and feel privileged to have the opportunity to see and feel the beauty, uniqueness, passion and love that comes with every piece of artwork produced by artists.

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